Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some People Give All Christians a Bad Name

Some professed Christians and Creationists beat up a Kansas University professor Monday because he had recently made headlines for speaking out against Creation. You can view the article here. Isn't that just what Christianity needs? What morons to think they are doing any good but by acting out in violence in such a way. This situation is reminiscent of the Crusades, which are perhaps the deepest and ugliest scar on the world of Christendom still today. I believe strongly in Creation, but others are going to disagree and they have that right. That is what makes this America. If "Christians" like these would use their brains (if in fact they have them) to engange Evolutionists in peaceful discussion, they would go much farther in advancing their ideas and their faith. They leave it to the rest of us who proudly bear Christ's name to fix the broken image they have given us. My prayer is that every non-Christian who hears of this story will think of ten good experiences that they have had with Christians, rather than focusing on this obvious misrepresentation.

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