Friday, February 17, 2006

Muslims Show True Colors

There has been a ton of commotion lately about this caricature of Mohammed that was was drawn up by a Danish cartoonist. I do not really get the cartoon, mainly because it is in another language, but from what I've heard, I guess it is pretty degrading to Muslims and their leader. Arabs are violently angry to say the least.

Now, I have to agree that they have a right to be angry. If someone drew a degrading cartoon of Jesus, I would be offended. The Problem I have is when I read this:

A Pakistani Muslim cleric and his followers offered rewards amounting to over $1 million for anyone who killed Danish cartoonists who drew caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad that have enraged Muslims worldwide.

The cleric offered the bounty during Friday prayers as Muslim anger against the cartoons flared anew in parts of Asia.

When a World Religion goes to the point of offering death threats and bounties for slander, I think that is a red flag. I suppose it may not be entirely accurate to judge all of Islam on the actions of one (that would be like judging Christians on the comments of Pat Robertson), but I think this is a red flag nonetheless.

You can read the entire article here.

Upon further review, it seems that Muslims are offended because of the image of Mohammed that shows him wearing a turban with a bomb in it (top middle). Apparently Muslims were offended that they were being accused of being violent. What great irony. They were accused of being violent, so they just put out a bounty on the cartoonist's head. Does something seem wrong with this picture?

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