Thursday, March 02, 2006

Myth of The Week: The Missing Day

Ok, so I am sure that all of you have gotten that email that claims that NASA's scientists found a missing day in the cosmos that matched up with the day missing recorded in the bible. I remember being very happy when I read this story, thinking that science was serving Christianity in a huge way (which I still believe it does). However, as this article shows, the fact that NASA experienced such a discovery is merely a myth. I get irritated when well meaning Christians get too ambitious for their own good and authenticity and truth are compromised. There are literally hundreds of these throughout the history of Christendom. Can we please just present the bible and our information truthfully so we don't come off looking desperate?

Anyway, give the article a read. Here is the closing paragraph from it, which I think makes a great point.

[O]ur willingness to accept legends depends far more upon their expression of concepts we want to believe than upon their plausibility. If the sun once really did stand still for a day, the best evidence we'd have for proving it would be the accounts of people who saw it happen. That is what the Bible is said to offer. Some of us accept that, and some of us don't.

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Becky said...

it's so nice to read your blog and get a better understanding of who you are!
this article is very interesting, and your thoughts are very true: when are Christians going to stop "desperately" searching for science and facts to back them up, and just have this crazy Faith that we are called to have?!