Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hybels' 4 Leadership Practices

Bill Hybels has taught for years that there are 4 things that every leader should do at all times throughout his or her life. I have known these for a long time and practiced them, but I thought it would be a good reminder to put here.

1. Read everything you can read about leadership.

Hybels says that a leader should always be reading. I do this as much as possible. i am always looking for a good book to pick up. i am one of those people who could go to Barnes and Noble and sped $500 and be bummed that I don't have more time and money to read. Nonetheless, Hybels is right. Reading does so much to get your brain working, it communicates new information, and it helps you remember things better. That is partly the reason I started the reading list on the left. I love sharing the titles and thoughts on books I have recently read. do yourself a favor and always have a book or 2 with you when you travel or whenever. We all know that life surprises us with other being late and what not. those are great times to get a little read time in.

2. Sit under leadership Training and teaching often

There are tons of great leadership training seminars and DVDs that are easy to get and affordable. I am lucky because my church hold this as a value too, so I am able to go to at least 2 major leadership training events every year as well as countless leadership training nights and workshop type things. If you have a local church that values leadership, chances are they have some leadership teachings on DVD or VHS. I encourage you to explore this and grow yourself. There is also tons of good stiff on the internet. If you have not caught on to podcasting yet, you need to. There are great leadership podcasts out there that are designed to stretch and grow you as a leader. Check it out.

3. Surround yourself with leaders who are better than you and ask questions

This is the way I learn best; by asking questions. It is such a great way to process and clarify what is going on. Observe someone and listen to them. then, ask questions and dialogue. This is such a great way learn because it is dynamic, unlike speakers or books. I have always had 2 or 3 people that I greatly respected in my life that I was allowed to ask questions of. Pick the brains of people smarter than you. Most are very willing to help.

4. Lead

The last step is that you need to be leading something. There is no education like experience. We learn best by doing. Whether you need to volunteer to lead the food committee for the 65 and over small group that meets once a month or you are the CEO of a company, you need to be leading inorder to grow. When I was in college, our ministry profs would urge us to get involved in ministry, rather than waiting until we graduated. luckily I made some sacrifices and did that, or I would be sadly latent now. Lead whatever you can to help yourself grow as a leader.

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