Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"I Can't Wait 'Til It's Over"

In the past week, I have had the opportunity to chat with a few people about Christmas and how close it is. These are not generally close friends, simply people at the bank, guys I play basketball with, etc. I have noticed a common theme in the responses people have to me pointing out that Christmas is only a week away (or however long at the time). They say, more often than not, "I Can't Wait 'Til It's Over!"

"I Can't Wait 'Til It's Over." Think about that. We have piled so many duties and stresses on to the birth of Jesus that we look forward, not to the day and reflecting on a day that changed the course of human history, but on when it has passed.

Is that the attitude we should be having about the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, the Messiah? Have we lost the sense of awe and wonder that the coming (or Advent) of our King originally had? I think that the obvious answer is "yes, we have."

Imagine the shock, the absolute crippling terror that invaded the shepherds as they lay in complete darkness staring at the sky, until an Angel of the LORD appears. Imagine Mary, holding her new baby, remembering all the amazing things the Angel had told her about her little son. Now, there he was, sleeping in front of her in a feeding trough. Imagine Joseph, with his son coming at the least opportune time, wondering if they would find a place to deliver his baby, or if his young wife and baby were in danger because of so little room. Imagine the Wise Men, traveling years because of a belief in their gut that there was something special at the end of their journey.

Wherever you are this Christmas season, remember the reason we celebrate, and do whatever you have to do to connect with God and experience a bit of the wonder and anticipation that gripped those who were involved 2000 years ago.

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