Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Thoughts on Global Warming

The Global Warming debate has hit the fan. Now we are at what appears to be the apex of the issue, pre-election and all, when dialogue seems to have never been higher. I know that I run the risk of adding to an already saturated topic, but it seems that despite all of the talk, few people know much about it. I'll admit that I am one of them. I have not done all of the reading and studying that I need to do to rightly weigh in on this matter.

That being said, Kim over at Think Christian has written a great article about the effects of global warming from a Christian perspective. This is refreshing, because it seems that Christians only punch holes in the theory and don't really listen. Still, and I don't want to be a hole puncher, I have a few questions about this issue that I would appreciate commentary on. They are things I think we should keep in mind as we encounter the info on global warming.

1. It seems to me that the plan to stop Global Warming is to basically take better care of the planet, right? I would argue, though, that as Christians we need to be doing that anyway, and we need to be better stewards of the resources God gave us. How is the plan different than this?

2. With over a billion people still so poor and deprived that they daily sit on death's doorstep, and another billion or so that do not have access to clean water, and about half the deaths in the world occurring of diseases we already have cures for, but the medicine has not made it to that part of the world, is spending billions to clean up the planet the best use of resources? Would we not be better served to focus our funds on ending "stupid poverty" and worry about global warming once each person has the food and water he or she needs?

3. Can we really make that big of a difference? I mean can we get enough people and funds on board to change environmental factors that are this large? Even of we get every single American behind it, that is only 270 million of the 6 billion people in the world. Is that enough to get a movement going and make a change?

Thoughts? Impressions? Concerns? Remember, I am no expert, just a question asker who wants to learn more and understand how to best serve God in all aspects of life.


Derek Warner said...

We can make a difference. As soon as we move more away from coal to clean, safe, reliable nuclear power, global warming will decrease. New nuclear plants will start being built again in America within the next five years, and there is currently construction in other countries.

Chip Burkitt said...

1. We need to dramatically decrease greenhouse gas emissions. That is not just business as usual for planetary stewards.

2. The future is now. Sure poverty and disease are big problems too. The trouble is if we do nothing about global warming, in 50 years there may be no one left to do anything about poverty and disease. Global warming is bigger.

3. America has only a small fraction of the world's population, but we contribute much more to greenhouse emissions. "With about five percent of the world's population, the United States produces roughly one-quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions." Since we produce a disproportionate amount of the greenhouse emissions, we are able to have a greater impact on global climate change. The question is not can we act, but will we.

Nick said...

Interesting points, guys.

Derek, I agree. I have thought for awhile that we need to become less dependant on fossil duels all together. If we could discover the clea coal that has been talked about a little bit and move away from petrolium in cars, it would make a hige difference.

Very valid points, Chip. That is the kind of good info I was looking for.


Anonymous said...

yes we can make a difference by switching to nuclear power and that will prolong the the atmosphere from depleting but thats all its going to do, prolong it. that just means that instead of our kids having to deal with the issue, our grandkids now get to. We all drive cars and that is where the bulk of this pollution is coming from,car exhaust, and if the future really is now and if we really are concerned with this problem then we would trade in our vehicles for ford foucus's and hybrid cars and other vehicles alike. As long as we drive petroleum powered cars then were screwed. I think that if we really are concerned with this then we will research this issue and write to our governer and the authoritys in charge and tell them the importance of this rather then make sunday morning small talk about it. Just my point of view, I am sorry if I may have offended anyone.
Josh Boyer