Friday, December 28, 2007

Christians Saying I'm Sorry

Here is a website that is long overdue. The Think Christian Blog posted the link to a website called Christians Confess, that features Christians simply apologizing to non-Christians for not living and loving like Christ. Here are some examples:

I'm sorry for the times I have challenged, insulted, or condemned you for believing differently than I. Your spirituality is just as valid as mine, even if we disagree on the expression.


I'm sorry that so many acts of kindness we bestowed upon you had strings attached.

I am sorry that my need to be right made me miss that I should have loved you instead.


I'm sorry for ignoring you in preference to the "God stuff" that I was doing.


I'm sorry for the years I spent hiding behind the walls of the church.


Here is the explanation of the purpose for the website from the about section.

When most people hear the word "Christian", they think of a lot of other words--likely all of them negative. Words like "hypocrite", "judgmental", "self-righteous", and--well, you get the idea. For many people, meeting individuals who identify themselves as Christian is also likely to stir up past memories of hurt and pain.

This site was started in order for Christians to acknowledge that we have got it terribly wrong at times, and to apologize for this. We understand that many will feel that words aren't enough. We agree! Though we also admit we don't know what else to do practically about this. If you have any ideas please contact us and let us know how we can show, not only in word, but also in deed, that we're sorry.

The honesty and humility of this is so refreshing to me. It is time for Christians to quit being self righteous and start loving, serving, and humbling ourselves before those we would oppose (or who would oppose us).

Here are a few of my own apologies:

I'm sorry for caring for those outside the church with words only, and not with deeds.

I'm sorry for being critical of others' ideas without fully understanding them.

I'm sorry that, in my low moments, I have found myself thinking I'm better than you.


This reminds me of what Donald Miller talks about doing at Reed University in his book Blue Like Jazz.

Thoughts about this site or the topic as a whole?


Nate Watson said...

I think it's a good idea...I know I have a lot to apologize for like, "I am sorry that I frequntly live like the person want you NOT to be." However, the "open mic" forum can be dangerous (in my inflated opinion) i.e. "Erin's" apology should have stopped after the first sentence. I must say (with squeemish postmodern hesitancy) that I believe that not every spiritual expression is as valid as my own Judeo-Christian expression. (i.e. the Wiccan kid's belief that I see occasionally).

Back to The Life of Pi...I too put the book aside after sheer boredom, but then picked it up because my wife finished (competitive). I ended up enjoying it. You should finish it if you get a chance!

Nick said...

Hi nate.

I agree that having the "open mike" format is a bit risky, but the point is apologizing and being humble, not maintaining a hard and fast clamp on Christians beliefs. Valid point, though.

I'll have to try and pick up Life of Pi again.


Mark said...

I'm sorry that I sometimes fall into stereotyping most Christians as religious fundamentalists. You've shown be otherwise, Nick. Keep up the good posts.

Nick said...

Thanks, Mark. Truly, thank you.

We are certainly all guilty of stereotyping.

Have a Happy New Year, brother.