Sunday, January 06, 2008

Emergent Thinking

An interesting thought by Jeff Goins from his essay on Pilgrimage, featured on the Emergent Podcast:

What if a generation was humble enough to admit that they still don't have God figured out, that He's still a mystery, and that intrigue leads them into all kinds of radical adventures? What if we took some time off and saw what God really had to offer the man or woman that was totally consecrated to him? I can't help but dream.


Nate Watson said...

There is so much to be said for acccepting the mystery of God's interaction with humanity, especially when it comes to the incarnation.

I think the church fathers and early reformers understood this, but then came the enlightenment. But, I am as guilty as the rest.

Nick said...

I agree Nate. I am just so against the close mindedness that so many findamentalist Christians have where they think they have God in their little box and they know all there is to know about him. That is so annoying and it has led to some bad things.

This embracing of mystery is very refreshing.