Monday, August 11, 2008

Podcast #1: Discussion

Well, it's up! Josh and I recorded and posted our first podcast episode. If you enjoy what you see on this site, I invite you to tune in and check us out. The title of our podcast is Peidalion (pronounced PAY-DOLL-EE-ON) and it is the greek word for rudder, like the rudder of a ship, one of the comparisons used in the book of James for the tongue. But, we explain all of that in the first podcast. We welcome any and all feedback and invite you to join the discussion!

Click here to go to the podcast.

We hope to be in the iTunes store soon, so I will let you know.


UPDATE: We are now officially up on the iTunes store. You can fine us by searching for Peidalion in the iTunes store and subscribe there. Our next podcast should be out in the next week. Shalom!


Chip Burkitt said...

I know I'm old fashioned, but I'd rather read than listen.

Nick said...

Valid point Chip. But, you can't read while you drive or work out. Hence, the podcast.

Thanks for listening friend.