Monday, June 19, 2006

Book Review: Fathers and Dragons with Donald Miller

Donald Miller's latest book, To Own a Dragon, which discusses growing up without of father, is a great read. Typical to Miller's works, they include captivating stories, humurous anticdotes, and thought provoking, honest musings at the end that seems to sum up an issue in a way that very few can do. As he is dealing with a very pertinent subject, this book is a must read for...

1. Anyone who grew up without a father

Let's face it, with the chronic divorce rate and the epidemic of fathers leaving their families and proving worthless, there are hundreds of millions of young people who relate to what Miller is talking about. I read it because, as a youth pastor, about half of the students I work with are in similar situations. If you are in the situation where you never knew your father, let this book converse with your mind. Let Miller's wit and wisdom help you explore this hole in your life.

2. Anyone who had a Father that did not meet the "Spiritual Needs" of his family

The next group would be the even more of us who had fathers in our lives, but who did not fill the role of spirituality father's should. There are certain things that young men need to hear from their fathers, certain lessons that need to be learned and value that needs to be attributed, and Miller addresses these.

3. Anyone who is in a mentoring relationship

There are a lot of things in this book that apply to those of us who are mentoring young men as well. BTW, if you are not mentoring anybody yet, please consider it. There are scores of young men and women out there who need an older, wiser person to mentor them into their maturity in Christ. I can tell you that there is not a more rewarding part of my ministry. Anyway, Miller writes this book with his mentor, John MacMurray. There is a lot of good insight about mentoring relationships in the book.

4. Anyone who wants deeper insight into God's role as a father

Miller has mastered this. Over the course of several years of study, prayer, and deep thought on this subject, he has gotten a grasp on what our understanding of God as a father should be. Allow Donald Miller to share his insights with you. It is a noble task and you won't regret it.

Here are some selected quotes from To Own a Dragon.

"I wondered if all the relationships we have--relationships with our lover, our mother, our friends--are not unlike blurred photos of our relationship with God..."

"I know submitting to authority isn't the most popular thing to do these days, but the thing about fathers, at least in John MacMurray's case, is they always have their kids' interest at heart. That concept changed everything for me."

"I've learned to avoid authority figures who aren't submitting to anybody themselves. What good is the wisdom of a man who has nobody to speak into his life?"

"In the end, women are really attracted to guys who have their crap together. I doubt there are many women enamored by the idea of living in a box under a bridge, sucking on a bouillon cube while her man reads Emerson. This is probably not what the old ovaries are pining for."

"The most difficult temptation, in chess and in life, is the temptation to react. Reacting without thinking never, ever works."

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ableknife said...

thank you for this comprehensive little review. i am thinking of getting this book for my husband as i think he might enjoy it. i think there's a book you might enjoy called Jesus in the Margins by Rick McKinley. similar writing as miller. blessings~