Saturday, June 24, 2006

A World of Wars

Here is a paragraph from Donald Miller's book Searching For God Knows What about war.

In a way, the war in heaven, the war between God and those against God, is the war to explain all wars. If you really want to believe one side is good and another side is bad, if you really want to look back through history and find a perfect and innocent kingdom that was attacked by an enemy, you have to go back to the Garden of Eden. A perfect and innocent kingdom hasn't been attacked since then. Details are few because Moses hardly gets into it, but to be sure, the Bible paints a picture of a certain evil tricking innocent humans into betraying the God who loved them, the King who was their friend. They were enticed, they considered their options, and they wanted to be equal to God. It's ugly stuff.

I think Donald hits the nail on the head by suggesting that the war that began thousands of years ago between God and Satan, with us humans in the middle as the thing being fought for, is the same war that goes on today. Our war with our neighbor, our war with Iraq, our war with our selves, all stem from this initial act of war. I also like the point he makes about innocence. Let's take innocence out of the picture when it comes to war. No country (or person) goes to war with purely innocent motives.

War is a tricky topic, and I must confess that as I get older, I become closer and closer to becoming a pacifist. I'm not there yet, mind you, but I keep slipping closer every year. I realize that this is a painfully unpopular view to hold in America, but it is how I feel. I am still sorting out my feelings on this. I will keep you posted as to my further breakthroughs. Anybody out there with me on this?


Anonymous said...

I think Donald miller makes a lot of sense when it comes to this topic. all wars did start with the war in the garden. I like how he pointed out that saten has always shown us like adam and eve our options to follow our own path, or to follow God our original friend. Its weird to think about how the simplest things like selfishness and greed can be traced all the way back to then.
-Josh Boyer

Brett said...

I took his quote to mean that no kingdom being attacked is never innocent, not the attacker although I believe your point is correct.

If we understand the guilt of all mankind biblically, neither the aggressor or the country being attacked is innocent.

That being said, Miller's statement is not that profound in light of the fact that the Bible clearly teaches that all evil stems from the garden.

Another writer wisely said that wars are started because of the conflict of passions within our own hearts.

Nick K said...

All wars are started by people in power, and they're usually people who think they know for themselves what it good and what is evil. The "knowledge of good and evil" is what the Apple tree in the garden represented, and Satan tempts us to take this knowledge for ourself. We SHOULD be praying to God for advice on nearly everything - not assuming we already know what good and evil is (we don't - and if you think you do then you've tasted the apple yourself). The problem isn't good or evil - it's people, especially leaders - thinking they know what is good or evil. If our leaders were to just go away and let us look after ourselves, we'd probably be living in peace. But they won't admit their own lack of worth to themselves, and continue to mess up everyones lives.

Anyway - nice site! If you like, you probably won't like - but try it anyway.


Nick said...

Thanks for your comments guys. admittingly I am stuff processing and forming my own opinion about this as well, so your comments help.

"If our leaders were to just go away and let us look after ourselves, we'd probably be living in peace."

I'm not sure I agree with you here Nick. I think this is too far in the other direction. no leadership or law results in anarchy. We need leaders to help us. I do agree, though, that bad leaders result in destruction.

Nick K said...

Something I learned relatively recently is that "Anarchy" does not mean "Chaos", and those in support of Anarchy have several very valid points to make. Whether Anarchy would work in the US depends on community spirit.

I would like to point you in the direction of Wikipedia's article on Christian Anarchy.