Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Postmodern Presentation By Brad Cecil

In Tony Jones' new book The New Christians, which I reviewed here, he gives a history of the inception of the emergent movement (before it was called that). One of the core elements to forming this core group and the core ideas was a powerpoint presentation done by Brad Cecil on Postmodernity. According to Tony in the book, the presentation "has attained legendary status among emergents."

The context of all of this coming up was the question of how can the church attract Gen Xers back to church in the same way Bill Hybels and Rick Warren attracted boomers and busters? Some were saying all the church needs to do is get hipper, grow go-tees and play cool music. Another group said that a deeper shift in philosophy was happening and that small, superficial changes were not enough. This second group became the starting core of the emergent movement, and this presentation became a sort of explanation of the shift they felt was taking place.

Above is said presentation. You should definitely read the book, and when you do, you can share in the presentation as well.

Let me know your thoughts.

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