Saturday, April 12, 2008

"What is an Emergent Cohort?" Starring ME!

This is a video that is being shown on Brian McLaren's "Everything Must Change Tour." It is a plug for the emergent cohorts around the nation: what they are, who goes, that king of thing. And what do you know, I make an appearance...all be it a small one.

Here is the story.

The first cohort meeting I went to they mentioned this to us, that they wanted to take some video. Now one of the ongoing jokes about emergent folks is that they have to attend cohort meetings or read emergent books in secret, without their bosses or home churches finding out or they'll get fired. It is mostly not true, but it makes for a kind-of-funny bit we do here.

At 2:36 in you will see Doug Pagitt do a short intro, saying he is going to try and sneak in and see who attends the Twin Cities emergent cohort. When he enters the room, you may not be able to tell, but we all held strips of paper over our eyes, to play up this idea that we want to remain anonymous. I am the guy in the center with a blue shirt on and a backpack sitting between my feet. There is light behind me, so it is hard to tell it's me, but it is me nonetheless.

I encourage you to go to the cohort finder and find an emergent cohort in the area, if free and open theological discussion excites you. I have been going for several months now and never want to miss. It is a fun time. Are any of you involved in emergent cohorts where you are?

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