Monday, February 04, 2008

Sexual Sin vs Injustice

I am troubled that Christians have been known more for being against people who are divorced than injustice in the world. And I think it's a problem when we're more angry about homosexuality than we are about starvation and AIDS in the world. There's something wrong with us when we have such little value for the life of a human being.

Erwin McManus speaking at Mosaic


Chip Burkitt said...

I think that Christians are generally down on sexual sin for a couple of reasons. First, our culture is saturated in sex. In the past 50 years we have moved from a culture where sex was barely mentioned in public media to one where it is completely pervasive. Sex is simply everywhere, and older Christians (like me) remember when it was not so. Second, sexual sin is extraordinarily difficult to escape. I think we're all familiar with how hypocrites tend to condemn most loudly the sins they themselves are most drawn to. In a sex-saturated culture, sexual sin is practically inevitable, but Christians who fall into it are plagued by guilt and fear lest anyone should find out.

Nevertheless, I agree with Irwin McManus. We need to repent of our myopic preoccupation with sex and address the pressing problems of starvation and AIDS (which, by the way, is related to sexual sin). We need to extend genuine forgiveness to sinners and welcome them into the church even when they find it difficult to leave behind their sin. Most of all, we need to teach believers how to live sacrificially to alleviate hunger and systemic poverty.

Nick said...

Amen, Chip.