Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who Should you Vote for?

Have you guys seen this neat little tool? It is a 10 question survey about issues in the upcoming election, and it will tell you who you should vote for based on your responses and how the candidates agree with you. Interesting huh?

I tried it and confirmed I was supporting the right candidate based on my answers.

Did yours match up? What question would you add?


Mark said...

Agreed On Disagreed On

1. Barack Obama
8 2
2. Hillary Clinton
6 4
3. John McCain
4 6
4. Ron Paul
3 7
5. Mike Huckabee
2 8

Nick said...

How did that match how you plan to vote, Mark?

Mark said...

That's the correct order!

Nick said...

Wow. Nice little test, huh?

Matt Brinkman said...

I'm a bit scared... Ron Paul came up third on my list. ;)

My ordering was also correct (at least for the top two).

Nathan said...

I just made a post about Obama.

I actually voted for Ron Paul in our primary, but with McCain or Obama...geesh...pros and cons to both.