Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tony Jones in Conversation

Here is a great video of a conversation between Tony Jones, the leader os Emergent Village, and John Chisham, a pastor in southern Minnesota who has been very critical of Tony and the emerging stream. In what is typical of the Emerging (and Emergent) movement, Tony opted to sit down and have a conversation with John. The video is about 34 minutes long, and it is unedited, so you get some conversation about movies and stuff, as well as another camera person blocking the view at times. But, it is a very good example of how two people can disagree in a civil manner. It is a great look into the differences between someone who may be a good spokesperson for orthodox (fundamental?) evangelicalism and an emerging Christian. It is well worth the time.

I'm curious to hear you thoughts and responses.

UPDATE: The video I linked was removed, so instead I have replaced it in 3 parts from youtube. Same stuff, just in 3 parts.

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